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  • We're a Creative Group

    We make you look good! It's what we do, it's what we lose sleep about. Media seems to be a mystery to many, no one person can do it all anymore. So we've banded together to offer a huge range of creative talent to add to your production.

    We're focused on communication and media development for a business that wants to compete in the new digital marketplace. We offer knowledge and experience with a wide range of capabilities to enhance your brand. Don’t know what you need? Ask us and we’ll start building your case.

    We are experts with these popular tools,  and many more!

     After Effects
     Adobe Premier
    ✓ Pro Tools
     Logic Audio 

  • James

    Multi Media
    & Graphic Design

    I've been a multi media designer for 20+ years. I've had to adapt to new technology and tools continuously through my two decades of experience. Through this I’ve learned to solve problems quickly with passion, intuition, and co-operation. I dream as often as I can.

  • Eglea

    & Graphic Design

    I'm a creative illustrator of 15 years with a proven talent for reading and honing in on client ideas and needs. I turn complexity into simplicity with inspiration and experience.  I can be the remedy for your next design headache.

  • Marijus

    & Video

    I'm a photographer of 15 years and have travelled the world over in search of poetry in imagery. In the studio I like to bring a fun, relaxed vibe where I turn client ideas into stunning imagery. In short, I love what I do, making ideas shine in the best possible light.

  • Maria


    I solve the who and the what of your media mystery.  I help define, research, and develop ideas with you and our team to aid in the creation of original content. I have a keen editorial mind, with a sharp eye for grammar, punctuation, style and consistency. I manage and proof content with a high degree of attention to detail and accuracy.